Dino Rizzo

When I think about teamwork, there are a few pictures that come to mind.  I have often heard my friend Shaun Nepstad (the great pastor of Fellowship Church in Antioch, CA) talk about seeing a musician on a street corner performing.  This guy was playing an accordion with a kick drum on his back and a harmonica strapped around his neck.  And he had a set of cymbals on his knees, and an old car horn under his arm. It was an amazing thing to see so much performance come from a single individual.

Shaun says at first the scene is entertaining, but the longer he watched the more awkward the guy looked. The amount of energy it was taking was wearing this guy out quickly.  The longer he went on, the more mistakes he would make.

“There is simply more beauty in a team working together well than any solo act can ever hope for.”

What does teamwork look like?

I recently read a book that illustrated a completely different picture about Navy rowing teams. There is something incredible about a team of rowers in a boat race, using their oars to hit the water at precisely the same time in complete unison. The more synchronized the team of rowers is, the more swiftly and powerfully the boat moves through the waters.

There is simply more beauty in a team working together well than any solo act can ever hope for. This totally applies to leadership and ministry. When we go it alone, we may at first seem impressive, but that quickly fades into something really pitiful compared to the amazing things that can be done with a team. A team works together with a unified vision and a culture of mutual strength and respect. If we all pull together, we can do so much more and with so much more beauty and effectiveness than we ever will alone.

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